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Which tribe do you PLAN like in Working Tribes?

One of the key skills that will lead you to success in your career is "planning." Let's see which planning tribe you belong to.

The Owl Tribe: Plans like strategists. Focuses on connecting the present to the desired future with a broad plan that outlines what needs to be done and long-term goals.

The Deer Tribe: Plans without planning. Takes a broad, superficial view without considering the long-term impacts. Thinks if it seems good, just do it.

The Sword Tribe: Plans for practical work. Focuses on making today the best it can be, delving into details at every step so those responsible can immediately implement the plan.

The Archer Tribe: Plans like a specialist. Firmly believes in a specifically chosen future, dedicating both short-term and long-term planning to reach that goal, ignoring everything else around. #WorkingTribes #BehavioralAssessment #Planning

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