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Lion Tribe : The General who walks forward with courage

Lions are known as the "Kings of the Jungle." But, it's not just because they are stronger or faster than other animals. It's because of their unique hunting technique.

Lions hunt in groups, with the male lion leading the pack. When they find their prey, the female lions surround it while the male lion aims for the front. When the time is right, the male lion lets out a loud roar, signaling the end for the prey. Scared and surrounded, the prey has nowhere to escape. This is the lions' efficient hunting method, with the male lion as the leader and the female lions as the hunters.

The number of lions in a group is determined by the strength of the male leader. This strength is shown through a thick mane, which gives a sense of authority, and a loud roar, demonstrating the lion's power. Without these traits, female lions wouldn't follow the male lion's lead. A male lion without a herd is just like any other predator, having to scavenge for food or even face starvation.

Characteristics of the Lion Tribe

The Lion Tribe represents a type of leadership that many aspire to. They are seen as ideal leaders due to their clarity of vision, determination, swift decision-making, and their ability to clearly command their team, leading to successful collaboration.

Just as a lion's mane represents its strength and power, a successful Lion Tribe doesn't necessarily need to be the strongest or most talented member of the team. Instead, it's someone with exceptional leadership qualities that inspire others to follow. People choose to follow a lion's leader because they believe that this person will guide them to growth and success towards their goals.

The Lion Tribe is known for being an impatient race. They have a clear goal in mind and are always determined to win, leading to swift decision-making. However, when something goes wrong or there are delays, they can become dissatisfied and even angry. This impatience may not be well received by other tribes, but their determination to see their goal through to success makes it an acceptable weakness.

While it's acceptable for the Lion Tribe to feel frustrated or angry, it's important to be careful about the way those feelings are expressed. Lashing out at the team through severe scolding, using profanity, or even physical or mental abuse can harm relationships and create a negative work environment. Remember, success depends on having a team that is willing to work together. It's crucial to find ways to express dissatisfaction that are respectful and preserve positive relationships with others.

The Lion Tribe needs to be aware of two main pitfalls. Firstly, they should avoid the trap of thinking that all success comes from one person alone. It's important to recognize the contribution of the whole team. Secondly, they should avoid becoming too self-absorbed and praising themselves excessively, while neglecting the efforts of the rest of the team. Despite being the leader, success can only be achieved through the collaboration and teamwork of all members.

The second pitfall for the Lion Tribe is becoming too arrogant and losing sight of their role in the organization. They should remember that they are leaders, not rulers (You are a General, not a King). It's important to avoid making quick decisions that go against the wishes of their superiors. Keep in mind that the person who recognizes your abilities and gives you the opportunity to shine is your superior. It's crucial to show genuine respect and obedience to them.

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