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Owl Tribe : A careful and rational strategist.

Owls have always been associated with wisdom and mystery in many cultures. They are known to be stealthy hunters that prey at night, which often intimidates people and gives them a reputation as the angel of death or bringer of misfortune. Owls typically live by themselves or with a small family, and it is rare to see them live in groups.

Owls have exceptional vision that sets them apart from other birds. They have large eyes and a visual nerve that is 100 times more sensitive than humans, which enables them to see details in depth even in the dark. Unlike other birds, the eyes are located on the sides, and when an owl wants to look in a different direction, it has to turn its whole head. But this is not a problem for owls, as they have twice as many neck bones as humans, allowing them to turn their heads almost all the way around (about 270 degrees). Owls also have highly sensitive ears, which help them locate their prey before they make their next move.

Silence is the key to the owl's success as a hunter. Their hunting technique involves completely hiding, and their soft wing feathers and unique way of flying allow them to glide quietly, so their prey never knows they are there. The owl has sharp beaks and claws to catch its prey, and if the prey is not too big, it will swallow it whole.

Characteristics of Owl Tribe

The Owl Tribe is comprised of individuals who value knowledge and learning. They enjoy reading, listening to stories, and studying history and technology. They are analytical in their thinking, able to make connections between seemingly unrelated events and form a bigger picture. This allows them to make well thought-out long-term plans.

The Owl Tribe tends to be more rational than others and tends to question new ideas and stories until they have enough evidence to support them. This approach may make them appear unenthusiastic and skeptical to others.

While being detail-oriented and making decisions based on logic and reason is a strength for the Owl Tribe, it can also lead to slow decision-making. They require a lot of information before making a decision and may sometimes delay it until it's too late. However, taking the time to fully consider all options helps ensure accurate decisions. The Owl Tribe should strive to find a balance between thorough decision-making and making decisions within a reasonable time frame.

People of the Owl Tribe, who are known for their love of knowledge and analytical thinking, need to be aware of their tendency to only focus on the negative aspects of situations and not see the bigger picture. While it's important to critically analyze information, it's also important to not only see the dark side of things and to be able to appreciate the good as well.

Additionally, the Owl Tribe should be cautious of showing off their intelligence too much, as this can come across as arrogant or boring to others who may value emotions or ignorance over intellect. It's important for the Owl Tribe to strike a balance between their analytical thinking and empathy for others, in order to form meaningful connections and relationships with those around them.

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