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Sailor Tribe : The Explorer who is always outgoing in search of new experiences.

Sailors are the brave individuals who venture into the vast oceans in search of new lands and to transport goods between continents. In the past, sailors were often people who sought a change of pace from the small towns where they grew up. They sought adventures in new places, eager to meet new people, cultures, and experiences. Every time they returned home, they had exciting tales to tell about their travels.

While the life of a sailor may seem adventurous and thrilling, it is also full of dangers. Sailors must brave the unpredictable waters, face loneliness and boredom on the long, open ocean, and live and work with the same group of people in close quarters. They must follow the strict orders of the captain and work according to their assigned duties. Despite these challenges, sailors are willing to face them all in exchange for the amazing experiences they have while exploring the world.

Characteristics of Sailor Tribe

People in the Sailor Tribe tend to be free-spirited and enjoy adventure. They don't like being tied down by rules and regulations, and would rather explore the world, meeting new people and experiencing new things. Sailors are known for being friendly and sociable, often making friends wherever they go.

When faced with challenges, sailors rely on their creativity and quick thinking to navigate through any obstacles. However, their tendency to avoid routine and repetition can sometimes make it difficult for them to fit into traditional work environments, such as sitting in an office all day.

Despite these challenges, sailors have a wealth of exciting experiences to share with others. However, it's important for sailors to be open to feedback and criticism of their ideas and experiences, rather than becoming too attached to their own beliefs.

Sailors should be mindful of the pitfall of overconfidence in their skills and experiences. They may feel that they are capable of handling any situation on their own, like a skilled sailor who has navigated through treacherous waters. However, the conditions at sea are always changing and no two storms are exactly the same. Small mistakes made due to overconfidence can have serious consequences, such as sinking the ship.

Some sailors may avoid asking for help due to feelings of shame or because they believe that no one would be willing to help. However, no captain can sail a ship alone, and success is always built on the support and help of others. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but rather an expression of strength and the willingness to admit one's limitations. It also shows respect for the person being asked for help, acknowledging their strengths.

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