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Sword Tribe : The Planner

The sword has been a crucial weapon since ancient times, taking on various forms like short swords, long swords, double-edged swords, and great swords, depending on the user's ability. The main purpose of a sword is to attack and defend with a slashing or thrusting motion. In one-on-one battles or larger conflicts to conquer or defend a city, the sword is essential for a successful outcome. However, it's not the sword itself that determines whether it's good or bad, but rather the person who wields it. If used for good causes like protecting oneself, loved ones, a city, or justice, the sword is seen as a positive force. But if it's used to harm others or rob them of their lives, the sword becomes a negative tool.

To maintain a strong sword that can endure frequent use, it must be made of superior materials and forged by skilled craftsmen with high heat. Investing in a superior sword than one's opponent is worth the effort, as a broken sword in battle often spells the end of the warrior as well. A good sword also requires proper maintenance, such as wiping away dirt after use, keeping the scabbard clean, and regularly sharpening it. With the right care, a good sword can continue to serve its purpose effectively.

Characteristics of Sword Tribe

The Sword Tribe is known for being great short-term planners. They have a unique ability to take a big goal and break it down into smaller, manageable steps. The Sword Tribe is detail-oriented and always knows what they need to do each day, and can even instruct others in what needs to be done. This makes them crucial in getting things done.

However, when it comes to making unexpected changes to their plans, the Sword Tribe may struggle a bit. They like to stick to the plans they've made, and may take some time to consider a new plan before making a decision. It's important to note that the Sword Tribe is not opposed to change, but they want to make sure any new plan is thoroughly thought out and will be successful. As a result, they may become frustrated if someone asks them to make a sudden change to an already established plan.

The responsibility of the Sword Tribe is limited to their own work and they may not consider the impact of their actions on others. They work best in familiar environments and with familiar team members. The effectiveness of the Sword Tribe is dependent on the person who wields the sword. If they choose the right people to work with, their skills can benefit everyone, but if they choose the wrong people, their abilities can be used for harm.

To get the best results, the Sword Tribe should aim for a relationship of friendship and alliance with their team members, working together to achieve common goals. They should not see each other as boss and subordinate, but as partners in a shared mission.

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