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Which tribe do you ACT like in Working Tribes?

Practitioners also come in four types. Most of the time when you start working, which tribe's style do you work in?

The Warrior Tribe: Ready to tackle any problem, just needing the command. Focused on results, not bound by methods. If tasked with something, will work on it until it's done. Prefers not to think too much, just tell them what to do, and they're happy to forge through water and fire to get it done.

The Sailor Tribe: Just tell them what you want, and they'll find a way to make it happen. There's no need to dictate what to do or how to do it; just stating the desired outcome is enough. They'll come up with unique, new ways to achieve it, disliking strict rules and regulations. They ask for the freedom to think and decide for themselves.

The Bee Tribe: Skilled in routine tasks with clear processes already in place. Adheres to established methods, happy to work on assigned duties without complaining of monotony. Always ready to help with additional requests.

The Wolf Tribe: Capable of handling a variety of tasks independently. Works methodically and is always eager to learn new ways of working. Dislikes being forced into actions without reason and resents being micromanaged, confident in their own thought processes and work methods. #WorkingTribes #BehavioralAssessment #Planning

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