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Which tribe do you MAKE DECISION like in Working Tribes?

For leaders, the most crucial role undoubtedly revolves around "decision-making." Let's see which tribe you belong to when making decisions.

The Lion Tribe: Leaders like generals. make decisions quickly, focusing on objectives as the main guide. Once a decision is made, it's not easily changed.

The Water Tribe: Leaders like politicians. make decisions quickly, primarily based on the opinions of those around them, which leads to frequent changes in their decisions.

The Bull Tribe: Leaders like rulers. make decisions slowly, almost to the point of indecision, especially on matters that risk making those under their care uncomfortable.

The Scales Tribe: Leaders like regulators. make decisions slowly because they want to minimize mistakes, relying mainly on data and reason. Once a decision is made, it is difficult to change. #WorkingTribes #BehavioralAssessment #DecisionMaking

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