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Archer Tribe : The Specialist who dedicated and passionate about what they love

To become an expert archer, it takes more than just physical skill with a bow. It requires mental stability, patience, dedication, and a strong determination to hit the target every time. Practicing regularly, both physically and mentally, is essential to improve as an archer.

In battle, archers were positioned in the rear, with infantry covering them from the front. This is because archers are not as effective in close-quarters combat. However, their long-range abilities often prove to be a game-changer in battles. Skilled archers have been known to turn the tide of battles, acting as assassins to take out key enemy commanders from unexpected angles. Their precision and accuracy can often bring wars to a swift conclusion, minimizing loss of life on both sides.

Being an archer requires not only skills, but also physical and mental strength. To shoot arrows accurately, an archer must have a strong body to quickly draw a bow, sharp and precise eyes to aim, and a smart mind to analyze the surroundings and choose the most advantageous position. Additionally, the type of bow and arrow used can greatly impact an archer's performance. Although a skilled archer can handle different types of bows, having the right equipment can greatly enhance their capabilities.

Characteristics of Archer Tribe

The Archer Tribe is known for its knowledge and expertise, which makes them a valuable asset to organizations. They have a habit of being bold in setting goals for themselves, being steadfast in their chosen path, and continuously growing and developing their skills. They may endure a long wait before reaping the benefits of their expertise, but they never give up and often end up receiving greater rewards than expected.

While the Archer Tribe may seem preoccupied with their own interests to others, they are actually willing to share their knowledge and expertise. However, they may not always excel in communication skills and may neglect the thoughts and feelings of others, causing misunderstandings.

For the Archer Tribe, doing what they love is the key to happiness. They work hard day and night, continuously improving themselves and their work, even during their personal time. Despite being dedicated and serious in their pursuits, they are not afraid to challenge themselves, learn through their failures, and research until they discover hidden truths or create groundbreaking innovations.

The Archer Tribe often struggle to advance in their careers because they focus too much on improving only one or two skills, ignoring other important factors. This lack of attention to detail can lead to communication issues, poor project management, and an inability to effectively lead and manage others. Unfortunately, many organizations promote top archers to management positions, only to find that they don't have the skills to succeed in these roles. To truly grow as a professional, The archer tribe must not only excel in their chosen skills, but also work on developing leadership and management skills.

It's also important to remember that the right tools and equipment are important, but they can only do so much. A skilled archer is just as important as having the right equipment. On the other hand, some archer tribe may place too much importance on their tools and equipment and neglect to improve their own skills. Ultimately, a balance between skills and tools is necessary for an archer to reach their full potential.

The Archer Tribe must be careful not to be swayed by external opinions and pressures. Pursuing expertise in a particular field takes dedication, patience, and hard work. There will be times when progress seems slow or non-existent, and it's easy to feel discouraged or lose faith in oneself. However, it's important to stay true to one's own goals and desires, even in the face of criticism or opposition from others. Only by staying strong and persistent can one reach the level of expertise they desire. And remember, simply acquiring the skills and knowledge is its own reward, regardless of external recognition or validation.

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